John Murtha – The Death of a Muse

My last blog was all politics.  My last blog was all politics…and bullshit.  Unfortunately, the majority of my political complaints were centered on the PA-12 Congressman, John (Jack) Murtha.  For those that knew him well, he was a great man.  They were, of course, blind to his absolute corruption.  John won reelection, the blogging slowed down, and then he died.  The blog died too.

Rather than rehash old feelings on this awful man, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him.  I would like to thank him for inspiring me to write, and for the $100.

That’s right, John Murtha gave me $100.  That’s the bullshit part of my blog.  One day I was bored and made up a blog post showing that Murtha was losing in the latest poll.  My blog was getting a few hundred hits a day before that moment.  Then came the poll.  I thought I had clearly marked this post as a fake.  I underestimated the stupidity of my readers or their willingness to ignore the obvious.  So my post got shared on a few other blogs.  Those blogs happen to have thousands of readers.  And it got mentioned on FoxNews (speaking of stupidity and ignoring the obvious…)

It didn’t last long, but in the time my single blog post was popular my couple of ads made me $100.  Thanks Jack.